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Beer dispenser

Powerful and high-performance.

Beers, wines and drinks simultaneously in just 150 cm. A revolution in the drinking experience.

Plug in an innovative way with your new Beer station.

from 2.499 €



Operational Efficiency

Optimises the service of beer, wine and soft drinks thanks to 4 integrated taps. Halves waiting times.

Versatility and Design

150 cm bar station with tap tower, including everything you need. Integrate it into your bar counter.

Made in Italy

Made entirely of stainless steel. Made entirely of high quality materials and technology Made in Italy.

The future of your bar

starts here.



Model with integrated tap. Place it in your bar counter and plug it in. Suitable for those looking for the essentials.



Counter with integrated tap tower. With modular lower shelf with wheels for easy movement. Compatible with any type of system.



Counter with tap tower and system already integrated. Fully optional. Suitable for those seeking comfort.

Simple, strong and durable design.

The beer dispenser is made entirely of Stainless steel. Designed to minimise working time and serve customers faster. The materials, together with the Made in Italy design, contribute to the incredible performance and robustness of this 4 Tap beer dispenser.


4 Tap Beer dispenser

Mobile beer and beverage dispensing counter 150 cm

Space and Speed in perfect harmony.

Beer, Soft Drink and Wine: is not just a simple bartender beer station, it is the revolution you have been waiting for in the beverage and hospitality industry.

Every detail has been taken care of with the precision of a master brewer and the passion of a sommelier, to offer you a unique experience for your bar. Made in Italy design that optimises every inch for fast, tidy and professional service.