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Back Bar Cooler

Professional and durable.

A New Level of Freshness.

150 cm display back bar cooler.

The upgrade you've been waiting for. Define and complete your modular bar counter.

from 2.999 €



The Completing Duo

heat will no longer be a problem!


Back bar

Worktop made of food-grade AISI 304 stainless steel, increases quality and workspace. Durable tubular aluminium construction. Makes disassembly and transport quick and easy. Spacious and versatile worktop.


Beverage Cooler

Combine the Back Bar with this professional refrigerated counter:

  • Stable and adjustable temperature, for cool drinks at all times.

  • Electronic temperature control with display.

  • Enhanced ventilation system with environmentally friendly R-290 gas.

Back Bar Cooler

Back Bar with integrated fridge 150 cm

Elegant Design, Outstanding Performance.

Discover our refrigerated underbar , the plus you wanted.
revolutionary product that combines outstanding Italian design with cutting-edge performance. Compose a more complete and professional bar counter. The first add-on that combines a practical smooth worktop with a professional refrigerated counter. Optimises space without sacrificing performance. It supports up to 80 kg inside the fridge and up to 200 kg on the worktop.
Scheda tecnica

Operational efficiency

The Advantage of the refrigerated back bar

You want fresh products and bottles at all times, but also a large and practical work space? The refrigerated counter is the solution for you. Capacity will no longer be a problem: up to 70 bottles on top, up to 119 underneath.


Thanks to the 3 airtight doors, opening is quick and easy. The double glazing with anti-condensation protection ensures that you can always see what's inside.

Make your service easier with this refrigerated back bar. No more running back and forth, now everything is at your fingertips. Every customer request will be fully satisfied.


24 hours a day



The ventilation system together with the environmentally friendly Refrigerant Gas R-290 allows fresh air to circulate inside the refrigerator without polluting the environment.


The galvanised steel foil inner lining, protected by a sanitary epoxy layer, distributes the cold air inside the fridge evenly and intensively. Your drinks will always be 100% fresh.


Soundproof Polyurethane around the compressor reduces noise to a minimum. No more buzzing.


Vertical LED lighting integrated in the chassis will brighten up your products. On-off at the touch of a button. Show the best. Whenever you want.

Adjustable height. The internal shelves with plastic-coated steel rods are adjustable thanks to holes along a 33 cm rail. Arrange the bottles as you like inside your back bar cooler.


Station Deus Cocktail bar System

Excellence in the field

sfondo_set-up_sistema modulare.png

Build your modular bar counter by integrating cocktail stations and add-on modules to create your own customised, modular cocktail bar. By combining smooth modules and cocktail stations, it will be perfect for any use, venue or environment.


We have designed a modular system that can evolve with your needs, before and after purchase. You need your bar to adapt to your needs in terms of space, work and performance, whenever you need it. Enhance your work and stand out in the hospitality world with a professional bar counter system.

And much more...

non solo un frigo.png

More than just a refrigerator...

It is designed to simplify the speed of your service.

The Made in Italy back bar cooler from Station Deus offers the versatility you need. It provides ample space for both work and storage, and becomes operational wherever you need it. The cell in the back will no longer be a problem, everything is at your fingertips.

Expand your menu, include a broader proposal thanks to products that are always fresh. More drinks such as bitters, craft beers, juices, syrups and soft drinks, but also snacks and fruit on the side.

Impress and satisfy your customers, strengthen the image of your bar and event. Customers will come back to you. What are you waiting for to stand out?

It's your bar. Choose your style.

Impress your customers. This bar station with integrated 150 cm refrigerator is ideal for organising your bar and working methods.


Match it to your style, the design of your bar and your personality.

Choose the colour you prefer.



Back Bar Cooler


  • Stainless steel worktop

  • Matt black roughened panels

  • 3-door fridge - Fagor Professional

  • Standard profiles in Satin Aluminium

from 2.999 €




Back Bar Cooler


  • Stainless steel worktop

  • Matt black roughened panels

  • 3-door fridge - Fagor Professional

  • Profile colouring in matt BLACK

from 3.359 €




Back Bar Cooler


  • Stainless steel worktop

  • Smooth Glossy White Panels

  • 3-door fridge - Fagor Professional

  • Profile colouring in WHITE

from 3.499 €



Should you have a problem with your fridge, we are here. Write to us and we will solve everything together as soon as possible. The fridge counter has a 24-month guarantee throughout Italy and customer service is always at your disposal. Assistance will be provided on site by a technician in your area. The warranty only covers repairs to technical faults due to factory malfunctioning, but we can also assist you with replacements or spare parts for a fee, if not covered by the warranty. For more information, contact us!

Create a modular counter
unique and professional

Suitable for your bar, your event

and to your personal needs.


Create your own modular set-up: integrate, flank and combine this refrigerated bar counter with the add-on modules and cocktail stations of the Deus series.


An organised bar counter with surfaces suitable for any use, is what you need to be unbeatable.

How? Contact us now and we will realise a customised project together.