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Cocktail station.
Beer dispenser.
Soft drink station.
Refrigeration station.

Station Deus exhibit: Ultimate modular bar counter for every events. Add back bar cooler, cocktail station portable beer and beverage dispensing counter to create a ideal and professional bar counter

Who we are.

How we were born and how we have grown, facing difficulties and taking every opportunity to improve the world of bars and restaurants. Please let us be part of your world.

Cocktail Station 90-120-150 cm.

For bars, restaurants, events, catering and more.

Discover the Deus Series models.

Postazione barman: Attrezzata per professionisti del settore hospitality e bartending, con spazio organizzato per cocktail di alta qualità. Materiali made in italy, cocktail station trasportabili e smonatbili facilmente

from 1.079 €

    NEWS 2024.  

Beers, wines and drinks at the same time.

Plug in an innovative way. Halves waiting times.

Discover the 4 Tap beer dispenser.

from 4.399 €

The Station Deus portable beer dispenser with quadruple tap tower: beer, drink, soft drink and wine stands becoming the jewel of party and events to outdoor/indoor. bartender beer station 150 cm

Add the Accessories

Customise your Bar Station.

Look through our Accessories and find what you need.

Custom Cocktail bar with stainless steel and customisable accessories for your bar or restaurant. Professional cocktail station with italian design

from 23 €

Additional Modules

Professional bar stations Made in Italy, indestructible, durable and solid. Portable cocktail station home delivery

Expand your Cocktail Bar.

Add our modules to create your ideal bar counter.

from 584 €

    NEWS 2024.  

Refrigerated Bar Counter

Always fresh drinks.

Satisfy your customers.

Integrate it into your Station Deus bar.

Professional back bar beverage cooler: Mixology made elegant with our back bar cooler portable 150 cm

from 2.499 €


Demountable Outdoor Bar

Professional bartender counter for outdoor venues, outdoor events, coloured black with bag and wheels
Modular bar for events and outdoor catering in summer gardens. create your modular bar counter by station deus, made in italy

Integrate, combine and join Station Deus products to create a well-organised modular bar counter.


This is the Station Deus system.

Premium bar station by station deus: Modern modular bar counter designs for professional and elite cocktail serving
Wedding-exclusive cocktail modular mobile bars: Station Deus guarantees unmatched bartending experience elegance

from 4.399 €

Looking for an indoor bar?

Creating your own bar has never been easier!

We define your objectives, products, accessories, colours and finishes. We will guide you to create a bar that suits your needs and the design of your venue. Together.



>> Ready for Shipping >>

Receive our best-selling Cocktail Stations now and ready to ship. To your home in just 5-7 days*.

*Only the Titano version of the Deus series is available for Ready for Delivery.

Delivery times depend on shipping location.

Titano 150

The 150 cm bar station is fully equipped. It is 100% independent of water and electricity.

Carrying bag for DEUS 150 outdoor cocktail station, Strong aluminium frame for cocktail station

from 2.749 €

Titano 120

The perfect mix of size, design and professionalism due to its 120 cm.

Easy to transport.

Bar station total black DEUS 120 with available accessories Indestructible aluminium structure

from 1.967 €

Titano 90

Excellent if you have limited space.

Small, cheap but versatile for any use.

Bar station 90 cm total balck, Built-in workstation cocktail bar portable

from 1.697 €

Cocktail Stations for every use

Cocktail station with all the necessary equipment for bartenders, Elegant and professional workstation barman
Choose and discover cocktail Stations suitable for your work.

What do they say by Station Deus

Deus 150 cm cocktail station bartender aluminum coloring of profiles and panels with graphic customization
Indestructible, durable, waterproof and elegant stainless steel cocktail station portable. Bright for indoor and outdoor venue
Deus 150 station cocktail bar catering elegant comfortable, colorful customizable on request and tailored. 150 cm Cocktail Station mobile for bartender and barman
Transportable bar with stainless steel worktop, Barman station with stainless steel components


Stay updated about the world of Station Deus. Discover tips, experiences, useful information and much more about the bar counter business.


Bar Stations created by Bartenders for Bartenders. Discover the world of Bartending.

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