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Who we are

DEUS 150 by Station Deus, the best cocktail station on the market


We rely only on the excellence of the producers of our territory for our bar counters. From stainless steel to aluminum, all the materials of our stations are 100% Made in Italy. We pay great attention to the quality and durability of materials, to guarantee our customers the best possible product.

Foldable cocktail bar with stainless steel components


Thanks to our experience and training we have created innovative products from every point of view: from design to the materials used, from modularity to ergonomics, from versatility to portability. The most advanced product on the market can be found here.

Urgent delivery of DEUS 90 indoor cocktail station


Una Deus Station is a Bar with a unique and lasting design, able to combine utility with beauty, with which to furnish the rooms and give a new life to your place. We have no aesthetic or technical limits, you can transform it into what you want.

Get inspired!


Fast delivering cocktail bar for bartenders with tap, sink and water pump made in Italy. Stainless steal workstation with black and white pannels elegant for events
Beautiful workstation for bartender and delivery all Europe and Italy

Marco, the founder of Omega Station, decides to design and produce the first removable and transportable Station by himself to facilitate his work as a Bartender that he was doing at the time.


The Station is noticed by the bars in the area, the  richieste begin to increase and Marco begins to produce more and more.

After learning the basics of the digital world, he decides to open an

e-commerce site to give all the bars in Italy the opportunity to have their own Portable Station.


Optimal customisation of outdoor and indoor bar Station Deus
Ships of cocktail station within 3 to 5 days to all Europe and Great Britain.
Customisable cocktail bar with ice buckets, tap and sink all in one. Made in Italy and shipped all over Europe.

After only a few months the site is a success and Marco decides to expand his business also abroad.

Over time he realizes that everyone has different needs and that it was time to redesign the Stations to make them customisable, both aesthetically and technically.


Comfortable and sturdy stainless steel modular cocktail bar
Modern fully equipped bar counter for professional bartenders. Modern furniture for elegant bar with terrace

With the addition of our accessories, Bars, Catering, Hotels and Restaurants all over Italy have begun to customize their stations, even after purchase. And while the available customizations continue to increase as customers share their needs with us, a further decisive point in the history of Omega Station comes in 2020, when we took over other specialists to design and patent the world's first disposable, recyclable and customizable barman station:  Easy Deus.


Innovation and change are the key concepts on which our company is based.
We want to guarantee our customers always innovative and cutting-edge products, which will allow them to keep up with the ever-changing world of hospitality.
Our products evolve and improve, and we with them.
For this reason we have renewed our image by becoming STATION DEUS.

. . .

What drives us
to improve every day?

Professional cocktail bar with sturdy, unbreakable aluminium structure.


Station Deus wants to push you to the max, with the right Cocktail Station for you and your work.

He wants to raise the status of your place, giving it a new life and a better way of doing business.

Stylish LED light in workstation for outdoor parties, fairs and terraces


We know how to adapt to satisfy any request. You will have the tailor-made Station you need to improve your venue. We have been Bartender and we know what our customers need to work at their best.

Cocktail station with accessories designed for speed and professionalism of the bartender.


The quality of our products is very high thanks to the Made in Italy, with materials sought after in the area and produced by capable Italian artisan companies. But it is also thanks to teamwork and our values that we are able to create such excellent products.

What we do

Cocktail Stations


Discover the Station Deus® cocktail stations. Professional, portable and easy to dismantle. Find the cocktail station that suits you best!

Mobile Beer Counter

beer station.png

Beers, wines and soft drinks in just 150 cm. Serves up to 1400 drinks per hour thanks to the professional 4-way T-turret. Attach up to 4 kegs to speed up your service.

Additional Modules

Create a complete bar counter. Add modules to your bar stations. Organise the workspace according to your needs and optimise your working area.


Customise with Accessories

to complete your bar counter

Customise your bar workstations with accessories to add technical and aesthetic qualities.

kit pomp.png
barmat inox_2_edited.png

And many more...

SET-UP BARs Starting

Discover the 3 different bar compositions created by our designers to easily adapt to any occasion. Basic models to start with and that can be customise.

l set-up.png

Custom-made bar counter

We work with you to design your dismountable or fixed bar. We define the purpose, dimensions, products, accessories, colours and upholstery. The design of your bar is the starting point for a custom-made bar counter.


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