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Join and Combine.
Create your own Cocktail Station.

Upgrade your Bar Station!

Practical and convenient bar station, complete with everything in stainless steel for working inside

Additional Modules

For a bigger mobile bar!

The Additional Modules are useful components to improve the work of the Bartender and can be used to extend all Cocktail Stations.


Unleash your creativity.

Combine modules to create your PERFECT mobile bar station.


You choose the order: each module can be combined with another according to your needs.

Mobile workstation, Cocktail Station for weddings, Cocktail bar for outside, Disco bar, Bartender, Cocktail Stand, DEUS 70 curvy Cocktail station for terraces


Curved corner / size: 70 cm

Create the right atmosphere and improve the look.


Your bar counter encloses you and your customers have more space to stand without intruding on your cocktail station.


Next to a cocktail station, this curved module closes off the space.

Left or right, it can be bent as you wish.

An extra shelf for you.

A way to receive more customers.

A new design for your business.

from 770 €



Sink and tap / size: 50 cm

Now you can have a tap wherever you want!


This small cocktail station can help you get water wherever you want. Next to a station or between two stations, only when you need it.


A tap and a sink that can be activated with a pump.

A blender holder and an additional worktop.


Can you do without?


from 584 €

Cocktail station for bartenders, Workstation, Weddings and events, Cocktail stand, cocktails for terraces, Outdoor cocktail bar, Customsable bar
Resistant workstation, bussiness exhibition cocktail stand, Professional bartending bar, Bartenders, Waiter and waitress bar, Customisable cocktail bar


Table top / size: 90 - 120 - 150 cm

Put out finger food, display bottles or set up a till.

The space becomes a lot bigger, wherever you want it.


Back Bars can help you create a large extra surface to work on.


Prepare snacks.

Set-up cash register.

Place bottles and glasses.

Hide whatever you want.


From 90, 120 and 150 cm: place it next to your cocktail station.


from 680 €

Bottle rack / height: 175 cm

Take it to the next level. Increase your capacity up to 160 bottles.


Your catering service is ready to reach the next level!


Display as many bottles as you want for your catering service.

Build the back of your portable bar and define the area.


The elegant Deus Bottle Rack with four shelves is the perfect way to store and display your spirits. It holds up to 40 bottles per shelf and there are 4 different positions in which you can "mount" it.

from 817 €


Independent cocktail bar, electric free bar, rechargeable battery system, exhibition and events, wedding cocktail stand, LED Lights equiped cocktail bar, Station Deus bar

Add Accessories to your Module.

Make your work easier

Robust aluminium and stainless steel structure of a specialised bartender bar

These are the add-ons that make your module even better.


Choose a module and then add them.

You don't have a Bar station? 

Cocktail events, cocktail stand for wedding, Bussiness exhibitions, cocktails for terraces, Outdoor cocktail bar, Customsable bar

What are you waiting for?


Choose your mobile bar station now.

Discover the practical Cocktail Stations to help your Bartending service.

During an Event.

At a Catering.

In your bar.

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