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General conditions of Sale

These general conditions of sale govern the sale of products marketed on the website by the company "Omega Station Srl a socio unico" with registered office at 36034 -  Malo (VI), Via Monte Grappa n . 46 - Italy, VAT number 04210510246 (hereinafter the "Seller").
The site and the "Station Deus (ex Omega Station srl a socio unico)" brand are owned by the company "Station Deus - ex Omega Station Srl a socio unico". Any changes to the conditions of sale will be effective from the moment they are published on the Site and will refer to sales made from that moment on.

This contract (hereinafter the "Contract") is a distance contract which has as its object the sale of movable property (such as for example Cocktail Stations) between "Omega Station Srl a socio unico" and the customer (hereinafter "Customer") in the context of a distance selling system organized by the Seller which, for this Contract   mainly uses the internet. All contracts will therefore be concluded directly through the Customer's access to the site or the receipt of an offer via email at the aforementioned conditions of sale which exclude and exceed any agreement previously or verbally agreed between the parties.
To be able to place an order you must be of legal age. Orders placed will be binding for the Seller only with its acceptance sent to the Customer via e-mail (to the e-mail address provided by the Customer with the order) of the duly completed order, subject to authorized payment and availability of the products / s. . It is advisable to keep the e-mail confirming acceptance by the Seller. If the confirmation e-mail is not received, the Seller must be contacted at the following address:
The right of the Customer to make purchases of products on the site to be sent for resale is excluded unless prior agreements have been made with the Seller.
Any right of the Customer to compensation for damages or compensation, as well as any contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and / or things caused by the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order by "Omega Station Srl a socio unico" is excluded.  
The technical information printed on the catalog visible on the site is based exclusively on the official data of the Seller, with the reservation of modifying technical and dimensional parameters based on product variations. It is understood that the image accompanying the description of a product may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics.

By sending his purchase order electronically, the Customer unconditionally accepts and undertakes to observe these general conditions of sale in his relations with "Omega Station Srl a socio unico", declaring that he has read and accepted all the information provided to him. pursuant to art. 1341 and seats of the Civil Code, also acknowledging that "Omega Station Srl a socio unico" does not consider itself bound   to different conditions unless previously agreed in writing.
These general conditions of sale must be examined online by customers visiting the site before they confirm their purchases. The forwarding of the order therefore implies full knowledge of the aforementioned and their full acceptance.

Once the order has been sent by the Customer in the manner indicated on the site, the Seller will do everything possible according to its possibilities to guarantee the delivery of the product within the times chosen by the Customer when placing the order. Any delays in delivery by the Seller will be communicated by e-mail or telephone to the Customer. Depending on the delay period and at its sole discretion, the Seller may reimburse the Customer for any shipping costs incurred according to the delivery option chosen.
In case of choosing the delivery directly to the home, upon delivery of the product by the courier, the Customer must verify that:
    1) the number of packages delivered corresponds to that on the order; the mismatch in the number of packages or indications, as well as loss or damage, must be immediately reported to the courier by affixing the wording "subject to control" on the signature and above it without the possibility of refusal of delivery to which the Customer will immediately send a written complaint via e-mail to the Seller who will, according to the situation, search for and deliver the missing package or replace the damaged or missing package or other methods of concluding the delivery;
    2) the packaging is intact and not damaged in any way;
    3) the identity and quality of the products, possibly indicated on the packaging, corresponds to that indicated in the order and in the invoice.

For any information relating to the status of the order or anything else, the Customer can contact the Seller at the following e-mail address:

Customer's right to choose between the payment and delivery conditions available on the site. Payment or delivery methods other than those indicated are not permitted. The products are sold at the prices indicated on the site until further notice. The product remains the reserved domain of "Omega Station Srl a socio unico" pursuant to art. 1523 of the civil code until the payment of the price has been made.
All payment details (for example card number or expiration date) will be managed directly by the managers of the online forms of payment. The Seller only receives the communication of the payment order by credit card or other data and details relating to the payment.
In the event that, for any reason, it is not possible to debit the amount due, the sales process will be automatically canceled and the purchase order will be considered terminated pursuant to art. 1456 cc with simultaneous communication sent by e-mail from the Seller to the Customer.

To be able to place an order you must be of legal age. The orders placed will be binding only from the moment of receipt by e-mail by the Seller of the confirmation that the entire order process has been duly completed by the same: the payment has been authorized and the ordered products are available.
In case of non-receipt of the aforementioned e-mail, it is advisable to contact the Seller at the following e-mail: 

The return of the product by the Customer to the Seller can only take place in the following cases:
   1) mismatch in the number of packages or indications, as well as loss or damage;
   2) non-correspondence of the delivered product with respect to that object of the order;

   3) product integrity;

   4) in case of non-satisfaction by the Customer. In this case, the Seller reserves the right at its sole discretion to accept or refuse the return, evaluating the withdrawal of the products and the reimbursement of the expense incurred by the Customer for the purchase, in this case removing a portion of the refund from the refund amount. indemnity aimed at supporting the costs of management, shipping, the costs of any repairs necessary for the new use of the product, the costs of any irreversible product customizations requested by the customer or other expenses incurred to fulfill the customer's order.
The return of the product can only take place following a communication sent to the Seller by e-mail within 15 days from the date of delivery of the goods with an express indication of the reason among those set out above and the references of the order as well as the purchase invoice. The goods to be returned must be properly packaged by the customer. Once the packaging has been communicated, the Seller will arrange for collection at its expense at the same shipping address by sending a special shipping label to be printed and applied to the package being returned. Once the return has been received by the Seller within and no later than 14 days, the price and any shipping costs incurred by the Customer will be refunded with the same payment method used by the latter for the purchase.
No returns or exchanges will be accepted (even if within 14 days of purchase) in certain situations, including:

   1) products damaged by misuse, abuse, inexperience or negligence on the part of the Customer or third parties or accidents of any nature;
   2) products showing excessive wear: wear is considered excessive if the product is found to be used, either approaching the end of its practical use or just looking very worn out;
   3) products lost or damaged due to fire, flood or natural disaster;
   4) products returned for personal reasons not related to the performance or satisfaction of the product itself;
   5) dirty or contaminated products, until they have been properly cleaned.


Any shipping errors or lack of material inside the package or packages received must be reported within 10 days of receipt of the goods to quoting the invoice or order number.

If the report is after the tenth day, Omega Station srl a socio unico reserves the right to charge any cost of spare parts, of their shipments and of the assistance given to the Customer.

The Seller guarantees that the products are free from defects and comply with the Italian and European Union regulations applicable to them and guarantees coverage for lack of conformity for a period of two years from the purchase. This guarantee applies to products that present a lack of conformity provided that the same has been used by the Customer correctly and in compliance with its intended use and diligently.   In the event that a defect in the products is found by the Customer, a written communication must be sent to the Seller as soon as possible at the e-mail address indicated. Warranty assistance is provided only upon presentation of the payment receipt. Once the defect has been ascertained, the Seller will repair or replace the purchased product at its sole discretion. For any assistance need you can contact customer service.

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the stipulated contract if the products received do not correspond in terms of features and quality to the products ordered, within 14 calendar days from the delivery of the packages by sending a written communication to the Seller at the following e-mail address info @ within the aforementioned deadline. By e-mail, the Seller will provide all the information for the return procedure (return methods and terms).
The costs of returning the products will be borne by the Seller. The purchased product must be returned accompanied by the packaging, the relative guarantee, or all the elements necessary to identify it with certainty. Once the returned product has been received, the Seller will proceed to verify the integrity of the product complete with the aforementioned accessory elements. Once the integrity of the returned product has been ascertained, the Seller will refund all the sums paid by the Customer within 14 days of receiving the return.
The Customer can request the withdrawal from the stipulated contract without justified reason. In this case, the Seller reserves the right at its sole discretion to accept or refuse the withdrawal, evaluating the withdrawal of the products and the reimbursement of the expense incurred by the Customer for the purchase, in this case removing a portion of the refund from the refund amount. compensation aimed at supporting the costs of management, shipping, the costs of any repairs necessary for the new use of the product, the costs of any irreversible product customizations requested by the customer or other expenses incurred to fulfill the customer's order.

10. PRIVACY POLICY - Information on the processing of personal data  
For the privacy information, please refer to the provisions on the link of the "Omega Station Srl a socio unico" website:


Please be advised that to make any payment through our website, it is essential to be at least 18 years of age. This requirement is imposed to ensure compliance with current regulations and to guarantee responsible financial management. Age verification may be requested in accordance with relevant legal procedures.

12. Documentation and Invoicing of Orders

In line with our standards of transparency and regulatory compliance, we commit to issuing a document for every purchase made by our customers. To ensure the efficiency of this process, it is crucial that customers provide the necessary business details - specifically the VAT number and SDI Code, or PEC in the designated fields during the order completion process.

Should these details not be entered at the time of the order, customers will have the opportunity to send us the missing business information within a maximum period of 6 days. This information must be sent via email to It is important to note that if we do not receive the requested information within the 6-day period from the order date, we will consider the order confirmation sent via email as the valid purchase receipt.

12.2 Costs for Issuance of Additional Documents

Should there be a need for the issuance of new documents or modifications thereof, or credit notes, due to reasons not attributable to our error, a document management fee will be applied. This cost amounts to €35 for each document issued, unless a higher cost is incurred. This expense reflects the use of resources necessary for the management and rectification of documentation.

All contracts concluded are intended to be concluded in Italy and are subject to Italian law.
For any dispute, the exclusive competent court is that of Vicenza.
For any further clarification, contact the sales office at the following address:

Station Deus - ex Omega Station srl a socio unico


Via Monte Grappa, 46 36034 Malo (VI)

– Italia Tel. +39 351 598 8972

0444 149 7713



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