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Our Bartending
Cocktail Station

Dismantleable workstation made in Italy with a trolley bag with wheels
postazione bar 150 cm per bartender, compresa di tutti gli optional necessari per lavorare bene e con profession alità

from 1.925 €

Fully optional
with tap.

adatta a barman e bartender di livello avanzato. prepara ottimi cocktail con la tecnica dell'american bartending, stupisci i tuoi clienti con una cocktail station portatile moderna e funzionale

from 1.390 €

Your professional base.

semplice e compatta, ottima per iniziare sia per studenti di alberghiera sia se sei un barman alle prime armi. completa del necessario per preparare ottimi cocktail. Il design è semplice ma d'impatto. potrai ersonalizzarla come preferisci

from 1.079 €

Compact and great to start with.

Ricevi la tua cocktail station in 3-5 giorni. Basta aspettare, acquista una cocktail station in promnta e consegna e riceverai la tua postazione bar portatile direttamente a casa tua in pochi giorni

from 1.697 €

5-7 days.

The Deus Series

Which is best is up to you: space available, transport needs or the need for running water.

The possibilities are many, find out the details of each one and choose the one that's right for you.

If you have difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you in choosing the perfect Station.

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Our most complete Station.

In 150 cm of space it has everything you need, including sink and faucet. Suitable for Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Catering and for any venue, as it can be either fitted inside an existing counter, or used outside as it can be dismantled.

Discover the numerous customization possibilities.

ex Deus 15 - 150 cm


from 1.925​ €


Suitable for professionals and for any large Bartender

that move outside. Perfect for Bar and Disco Bar.


Don't be fooled by appearances, here you have 120cm of space without sacrificing ease of transport or even aesthetics.

ex Deus 12 - 120 cm


from 1.390​ €


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Cocktail Station for bartenders, Workstation, Weddings and events, Cocktail stand, cocktails for terraces, Outdoor cocktail bar, Customsable bar

Suitable for beginners, amateurs

and for those with limited space.

The most compact station, 90cm of practicality to start practicing Bartending at its best.

ex Deus 9 - 90 cm


from 1.079 €


Workstation, cheap cocktail bar, Foldable cocktail bar, Cocktail stand for events, Workstation for terraces, DEUS 12, Omega Station, Bartender, Cocktail bar for disco

Deus series

Discover all the Accessories to customize your Station.

Our Stations are designed to be tough and durable, but if something breaks, you'll find everything you need here.


Of course you will also receive assistance on how to replace the damaged part, we will always be by your side!


Go and discover our service.

Detachable, customisable and large bar counter. Large cocktail station perfect for bartenders.

We design together

your customised bar counter

Designing your bar has never been easier!

We will guide you to create a bar counter that suits your needs and the design of your venue. Together.

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