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360° bar set-up available, Cocktail Station 90 cm, Outdoor mobile bar for Dehor, Modern workstation, Transportable workstation, Resistant bar


The island in 360°

Circular and modular bar for festivals and events

No. 13 Cocktail Station

+ 2 Deus Bottle Racks

+ Saloon Doors

from 15.599 €

*The SET-UP Bar of Station Deus is a combination of different models of Cocktail Stations.

You can exchange and combine them as you like, to best suit your catering, event or venue.

Unleash your imagination and embrace innovation.

 CODE SU03000

The composable bar
"360°" SET-UP BAR

The 4-sided service. For a large number of customers.

Put yourself at the centre of the event.


Space, modularity and practicality. Everything you need for optimal work. Its shape will allow you to serve a large number of customers from all sides of your bar.


The combination of Cocktail Station and Back Bar, designed by Station Deus, neatly and strategically organises all the elements for your service.


Festival, concert, wedding or any other occasion, this Modular Bar Counter will set the scene perfectly.


Arrange the modules to your liking and add the touch of magic with the Two Luminous Bottle Racks.


Arrange, decorate and place them at the centre of your composition.

Composizione moduli
Portable cocktail station home delivery. Professional cocktail station made in Italy and shipped all over Europe.

Which Stations are included?

Recommended cocktail station for professional bartenders DEUS 70 cm

4x Deus 7

4x 70 cm

Curved angle that connects the modules and gives a smooth but defined design.

Indestructible cocktail station 150 cm, stainless steel, modular, for outdoor local in durable stainless steel. Removable and transportable, durable even for outdoor work

2x Deus 150
with tap

150 + 150 cm

150 cm station complete with everything, with sink and tap on the side.

Mobile cocktail bar 150 cm for bartender and bartenders customizable with accessories and for work outside the bar

2x Deus 150
without tap

150 + 150 cm

150 cm with everything you need to work 100%, with an additional shelf.

Professional portable cocktail station 90 cm for bars and restaurants. demountable and transportable with bag or wheels for outdoor and indoor use.

2x Back Bar 90

90 + 90 cm

Elegant structure offering a smooth surface for any use..

Perfect cocktail services with this DEUS 120 cm cocktail station, customisable and foldable

120 + 120 cm

2x Deus 120

The perfect balance between size and portability.

back bar 150 cm mobile aluminium Cocktail Bar for hotels bars restaurants, for private events, catering and outdoor parties

150 cm

1x Back Bar 150

Elegant 150 cm structure that provides you with a shelf suitable for any use.

Cocktail Station for events, beginners and bartending schools. Modular, light and dismountable, easy to transport and customizable with accessories

2x 175 cm (h)

2x Deus Bottle Rack

The symbol of elegance: bright shelves combined with a harmonious design. Add a classy look to your bar.

Professional built-in station with accessories for indoor use

90 cm

2x Saloon

Super smooth entry. Push the doors, from any side, and they will close themselves.

Bespoke bar counter with preferred dimensions, Cocktail bar for weddings, Bar Mobile, Personal home mobile bar, Modern design, Complete cocktail station

Choose your model.

Designed to reach excellence. The 360° SET-UP BAR includes all the modules you need to perform at your best.


The soft curves as a connection between the various modules. The round, harmonious design that satisfies aesthetics.


Your privacy is guaranteed with two swinging doors, facilitating the entry and exit of your Barmen.

To give the final touch of class, furnish and set up your bottle racks to be in theme with the event.


Light up the shelves and the magic is assured.


Choose which of the three looks reflects you best and start shining.

set-up bar Professional cocktail station, elegant, indestructible, stainless steel, bartending schools and beginners


"360°" SET-UP Bar


  • Basic modules with polycarbonate tanks

  • Stainless Steel components

  • Black matte panels

  • Standard profiles in satin Aluminium


from 15.599 €

Professional bartender counter for outdoor venues, outdoor events, coloured black with bag and wheelsset-up bar

Total Black

"360°" SET-UP Bar


  • Basic modules with polycarbonate tanks

  • Stainless Steel components

  • Matt black panels

  • Profile colouring in BLACK

  • LED service top


from 18.999 €

set-up bar Elegant compact built-in workstation schools 90 cm stainless steel indestructible and resistant, modern and elegant

Total White

"360°" SET-UP Bar


  • Basic modules with polycarbonate tanks

  • Stainless Steel components

  • Glossy white smooth panels

  • Profile colouring in WHITE

  • LED illuminated service top


from 21.999 €

Light up. Transport. Move.

Modern, elegant and transportable cocktail bar with stainless steel accesories for a professional bartending service

Need a way to illuminate, transport or move SET-UP?


We've thought of that too. Choose your favourite SET-UP from the listed above and add the Accessories you want.

   UPGRADE 2.0   

More than cocktails?

Add more modules for a complete
and professional SET-UP.


Beer dispenser.

Soft drink bar station.

Back bar coolers.

Beer Dispenser

Beer dispenser with quadruple tap tower

beer station_front.png

Optimise your work quickly and easily. The drink dispenser machine for beer, soft drinks and wine is designed for every space, parties and events. The ideal upgrade for every occasion. Reduce waiting time with the 4 tap bar counter.

Add it to your Set-up Bar project

Back Bar Cooler

Modular glass door refrigerator 150 cm


Freshness and quality are the key to making your business powerful and flawless. Add the refrigerated underbar and satisfy your customers.

Add it to your Set-up Bar project

Custom 360° cocktail station formation, Unbreakable cocktail bar, Station Deus 150 cm, Workstation for professional waiter, Cocktail bar for disco

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Discover all SET-UPs.

bar componibile a forma L per l'interno e l'esterno del tuo ristorante, locale e pub, catering

from 4.399 €


bar mobile e smontabile U set-up bar ottimo per un servizio di catering completo e professionale

from 8.599 €


Bar station 360 set-up bar pensato per raggiungere l'eccellenza di un servizio barman e catering

from 15.599 €


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