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*The SET-UP Bar of Station Deus is a combination of different models of Cocktail Stations.

You can exchange and combine them as you like, to best suit your catering, event or venue.

Unleash your imagination and embrace innovation.

Cocktail Bar 90 cm, Premium quality cocktail bar, Professional cocktail bar, Modern workstation, Cocktail bar for hotels and restaurants, L SET-Up bar, modular mobile bar counter, indoor bar

Modular Bar Station for your venue


The benefit of the L shape

No. 5 Cocktail Station

from 4.399 €

 CODE SU01000

The composable Bar

Space will no longer be an issue with this composition of Cocktail Stations. You can adapt your modules to any location.


The L-shape allows you to create the ideal space for optimal work.


Move the modules as you wish to get the most suitable layout for your event. There is also a large surface to be used as a table for snacks, cash service, glass support and whatever else you want.


This composition is available in 3 versions: STANDARD, TOTAL BLACK, TOTAL WHITE.


Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Composizione moduli
Cocktail bar with accessories to complete the station, polycarbonate buckets, water bottles, rechargeable battery and more

Which Stations
are included?

Resistant cocktail station with speed rack and speed trail. Manufactured with the best professionals in mind deus 120 cm

2x Deus 120

120 + 120 cm

The perfect balance between size and portability.

Cocktail station easy to assemble and disassemble by hand for indoor venues, hotels, restaurants deus 50 cm with tap and sink. Indipendent cocktail station portable

1x Deus 5

50 cm

Sink and tap to have everything handy.

Customised cocktail station for indoor and outdoor use, adaptable to any type of business deus 70 cm

1x Deus 7

70 cm

Curved angle that connects the modules and gives a smooth but defined design.

Cocktail station accessible for all types of bartenders and businesses back bar 90 cm

1x Back Bar 90

90 cm

Elegant structure offering a smooth surface for any use.

Custom L-shaped bar setup, Cocktail Station 150 cm, Modern Mobile Bar, Professional bartender bar, Cocktail bar for exhibitions, Waterproof

Choose your model.

A modular system that can be adapted to any location, indoors or outdoors.


A decidedly competitive price. "L Set-Up Bar" is the product for you.


The arrangement of the stations will make your work effective and comfortable: each station will have its own space.

Choose the design you prefer and delight your customers with your impeccable service.

Modular built-in waterproof stainless steel bar counter for bar interior, restaurant, club, hotel L SET-UP BAR


"L" SET-UP Bar


  • Basic modules with polycarbonate tanks

  • Stainless Steel components

  • Black matte panels

  • Standard profiles in satin Aluminium


from 4.399 €

Professional and elegant outdoor workstation L SET-UP BAR total black design. Immediate delivery of cocktail station for events, weddings and celebrations

Total Black

"L" SET-UP Bar


  • Basic modules with polycarbonate tanks

  • Stainless Steel components

  • Matt Black panels

  • Profile colouring in BLACK

  • LED service top


from 5.399 €

The most complete cocktail station on the market, made in Italy set-up bar total white for catering events. Cocktail Bar portable, Mobile bar total white for all types events trasportable.

Total White

"L" SET-UP Bar


  • Basic modules with polycarbonate tanks

  • Stainless Steel components

  • Glossy white smooth panels

  • Profile colouring in WHITE

  • LED illuminated service top


from 5.999 €

Light up. Transport. Move.

Professional mixology bar, prepared for events and weddings. Set-up Bar customizable for accessories to complete mobile bar

Need a way to illuminate, transport or move SET-UP?

We've thought of that too.


Choose your favourite SET-UP from the listed above and add the Accessories you want.

   UPGRADE 2.0   

More than cocktails?

Add more modules for a complete
and professional SET-UP.


Beer dispenser.

Soft drink bar station.

Back bar coolers.

Beer Dispenser

Beer dispenser with quadruple tap tower

beer station_front.png

Optimise your work quickly and easily. The drink dispenser machine for beer, soft drinks and wine is designed for every space, parties and events. The ideal upgrade for every occasion. Reduce waiting time with the 4 tap bar counter.

Add it to your Set-up Bar project

Back Bar Cooler

Modular glass door refrigerator 150 cm


Freshness and quality are the key to making your business powerful and flawless. Add the refrigerated underbar and satisfy your customers.

Add it to your Set-up Bar project

Create unique L, U, 360° setups, Cheap cocktail bar, Workstation Portable, Disco bar, Stainless steel buckets, Barman counter colored black

Have you already chosen?
Got any questions?
Want to customise?

Contact us! We will be happy to help you.


Write to us through this contact form and ask anything you need.

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Discover all SET-UPs.

L set-up bar è adatto può essere posizionato vicino al muro durante un evento o un servizio catering

from 4.399 €


U set-up bar ha due bottigliere luminose incluse. è il bar mobile componibile più completo di tutti

from 8.599 €


il bar mobile a isola, set-up 360° è adatto ai festival ed eventi con  affluenza

from 15.599 €


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