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How do you select the perfect Cocktail Station to expedite your service and enhance your bar's operations?

A work surface that is designed for mixing and preparing drinks can make a big difference. The bartender's efficiency increases as they spend less time searching for ingredients and can serve faster. But how do you choose the right Deus Cocktail Station for your specific needs?

Organise unforgettable events with a complete, totally black and spacious bar that adapts to your preferences and needs.

The types of cocktail stations - Station Deus

Having a Cocktail Station outside expedites guest service outdoors, while also attracting additional consumers. The lack of a Cocktail Station within a pub signals that cocktails are not featured in the pub’s offerings. Yet, considering cocktails can be prepared swiftly, yield a substantial profit margin, and necessitate frequent reordering, why miss out on offering them? Conversely, incorporating a mobile Cocktail Station into a Catering-Service can lead to an increase in events, weddings, and a boost of customers who request the service as part of their catering package, enhancing the overall value provided.

Size as a starting point

At Station Deus, size is the cornerstone in selecting the cocktail station that perfectly aligns with your unique requirements. Depending on your spatial needs or intended usage, you can begin with a work surface measuring 90 cm, 120 cm or 150 cm.

150 cm, 120 cm, 90 cm built-in professional bar workstations for restaurant interiors. Easily transportable modular bar workstations barman that adapt to any space

If you require more space...

The Deus Cocktail Stations can be assembled to achieve the desired size. If you need a curved shape, there is also a curved module available. Still need more space? Station Deus has developed an efficient solution: the Back Bar. The Back Bar is available in lengths of 90, 120 and 150 centimeters and offers you more counter capacity for glasses, cutlery, but also for snacks and refreshments. Useful for enlarging the worktop, but also behind the counter or at the side as additional storage space for the bartender.

add-on modules to complement station deus bar stations to create modular bar counters, barman workstations, mobile cocktail bar with large, super-strong stainless steel counter, for long drinks or other non-alcoholic beverages

Modular counters in L, U and round shape

The SET-UP Counters from Station Deus are ideal for creating complete bars that can be used as a cocktail corner, offering guests the opportunity to lean against the bar but also providing space for serving snacks. The modular L-shaped, U-shaped and island-shaped counters are ideal for setting up multiple Cocktail Stations and are designed so that the bar can be set up anywhere to meet customer demand and increase sales without the hassle of brickwork or connections. Using the KIT, the set-ups can be completely independent of electricity and water.

Cocktail Station Made in Italy, with extraordinary space for a bartender, 150 cm wide. Match a 150cm total black cocktail station with a back bar with black profiles and panels. Creates a unique, elegant and modern atmosphere

Missing accessories

If your Deus Station lacks something crucial, do not worry. On the accessories page of our website, you'll discover everything that you can integrate into your Cocktail Station, either now or in the future, regardless of its dimensions.

The Station Deus already equipped

Responding to customer demands, Station Deus has outfitted an array of cocktail stations designed to satisfy a broad spectrum of needs.

customise your portable and transportable cocktail station with the made in italy accessories from station deus, high quality, super durable materials

Explore the Deus Outdoor Station, Deus Indoor Station, and Deus Catering Station. Moreover, a 10% discount is already applied, and some models are ready for immediate dispatch.

Take your new counter with you everywhere you go

With Station Deus, you can take your counter with you anywhere: With the practical wheels or the trolley bags, any model of your choice can be moved with you.

transport your bar counter wherever you want thanks to the durable and practical trolley bag with wheels, made in italy, useful for the outdoor cocktail station and for any event

The Outdoor Cover: The comfort of not having to move the Cocktail Station.

Can the cocktail station remain outdoors for the upcoming days? Concerned about rain with no cover in sight?

protective, durable, water-repellent tarpaulin cover, useful for events outside your venue and bar. Suitable for cocktail sttion and station deus back bars, demountable, transportable bar counters

Worry not: Station Deus has engineered a protective tarpaulin that shields the bar from wind and precipitation. Crafted from Oxford fabric with a PVC coating, this cover ensures robust protection against the bad weather. Featuring convenient and sturdy eyelets, the tarpaulin can be securely anchored to the ground, preventing any accidental displacement of the station.

Now you can relax and start preparing the best cocktails in the world.


Don't have a Bar Station yet?

Click and discover the professional transportable Cocktail Stations that help your Bartending service. During an Event. In a Catering. In your bar.

Create, compose, customise your bar counter to suit your needs.



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