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Your cocktail bar. Portable.

Cocktail station with close at hand accessories for a comfortable and optimal work.


The Modular/composable Bar by Station Deus.

A solution for any occasion. 

3 different Bar Counter compositions. Different Cocktail Stations placed together.


For your Catering.

For your Events.

For your Outdoor space.

From 5 to 13 Stations. All together or separate.


SET-UP Bars can be disassembled and divided. From one Big Bar to many small ones.

Cheap cocktail station, Economic bar, Customisable cocktail bar, Foldable cocktail station, Workstation, bartending, Events and exhibitions L SET-UP BAR
Resistant cocktail station with stainless steel materials for long life.


No. 5 Cocktail Stations


from 4.399 €

An efficient corner for your working comfort.


With the L-shaped SET-UP Bar, you can demarcate the space at the side of your catering area and have no intrusions.


The composition is fully transportable and with different colours available.

made in italy mobile bars, cocktails stations portable, outdoor cocktail bar stations
Transportable barman's station easy to assemble and disassemble, convenient and simple to use, practical


No. 6 Cocktail Stations

+ 2 Deus Bottle Holders

from 8.599 €


An enveloping design: satisfy all your customers.

With the "U" shape of this SET-UP you can serve any customer anywhere. 


Set up and illuminate the Bottles Holder to create a stage effect.

Split it up and you'll have 2 "L" shaped Bars.


The set-up is fully transportable and available in different colours.

mobile bars stations, set-up bar, Cheap cocktail bar, customizable outdoor workstation, Personalize cocktail station, outdoor cocktail bar, Cocktail bar for bartenders to indoor and outdoor events, Cocktail mobile bar for weddings, Cocktail Station Portable, Cocktail Bar 150 cm, Modular Mobile Bar
Transportable, agile and removable cocktail bar. Perfect for outdoor events

"360°" SET-UP BAR

No. 13 Cocktail Stations

+ 2 Deus Bottles + Saloon Doors

from 15.599 €


Maximum power. 4-sided closure.

Now you can put yourself in the centre of the event.

All with a single investment.

You decide whether to have:


or 1 360° Bar,

or 2 "U" shaped bars

or 4 ''L'' shaped bars.


Reach up to 4 different locations at the same time.


The composition is fully transportable and several colours are available.

We design together

your customised bar counter

Designing your bar has never been easier!

We will guide you to create a bar counter that suits your needs and the design of your venue. Together.


Light up. Transport. Move.

Robust cocktail bar with aluminium structure, mobile and customizable. Perfect bar for outdoor bar on the beach.

Need a way to illuminate, transport or move the SET-UP?

We've thought of that too.


Choose your favourite SET-UP from the listed above and add the Accessories you want.

Can't find the right Bar for you?

Can't find the perfect SET-UP for you?

Contact us now.


Together we will create a tailor-made project.

You will have the perfect set-up for your job!


Fill the form in and tell us what you need.

We will get back to you by email as soon as possible!

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