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How to use your Bar Station to ignite love on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day arrives with all its traditions: cards, chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, romantic dinners. But what better way to end the evening than with a themed cocktail? Let's discover together how to prepare it with a bar station.

portable bar station kit rotating wheels with brake to transport the station inside and outside the venue for outdoor events and catering services

How to celebrate Valentine's Day?

There are many ways to surprise your loved one: you can organise a candlelit dinner at home, or choose your favourite restaurant. Or if you want to treat yourself to a relaxing moment, you can opt for spas and thermal establishments, perhaps booking some special couple's treatment. Whatever your preference, the evening can only end with a good cocktail.

A toast to celebrate love

There is one ingredient, or rather, one colour that cannot be missing from a cocktail for the Lovers' Day celebration and that is red. Plenty of room therefore for red fruits, whether in the form of syrups, crushed or fresh fruit, which will give your drink a romantic touch and at the same time a bit of tartness to awaken the senses of the drinker. 

Spices are also an indispensable ingredient: they give that spicy and aphrodisiac touch that cannot be missing on the Lovers' Day.

But is your bar station equipped for the preparation of Valentine's Day cocktails?

Everything you need at your fingertips with your modular cocktail station

To begin with, you need to be equipped with a well-organised and functional workstation: Station Deus has designed a transportable and fully customisable bar station that adapts to every need. First of all, to space requirements: 90, 120 or 150 cm cocktail stations to fit into existing contexts or new set-ups. The cocktail bars are fully customisable, even aesthetically, to suit the location or occasion in which they are used: they can be printed with your bar's colours and logos or they can be recessed into your existing bar counter, thus not affecting the existing aesthetics.

Add the accessories you need to your bar counter

Once you have chosen the size and customisation, you can organise your cocktail station with all the accessories you need to create the most romantic cocktails. You will be able to choose: barmat in transparent or black rubber or a removable stainless steel one; LED illuminated service top to create a more romantic atmosphere; additional shelves; stainless steel tubs to put all the ingredients you need; perforated ice-draining tops; speed racks to keep all the bottles or syrups you use most at hand and thus speed up service. 

If, on the other hand, you need more space, you can add black or white, standard or LED-lit bottle rack, back bars of different sizes, corners to extend your work surface, display bottle racks to be added above the counter.

Now there are no more excuses, your bar station has everything you need.

How to prepare the perfect cocktail for Valentine's Day?

To prepare the perfect love cocktail for Valentine's Day, the good bartender must bring out all his romanticism and play with love: cocktail colours, scent of ingredients, decoration of the glass. Anything that can inspire romance and tickle the palate to spice up the evening. Of course, only if you are well equipped will you be able to impress your guests.

The advantages of a professional bar station

Station Deus has developed its products from the experience of professional bartenders and knows the importance of space when it comes to preparing cocktails quickly for many customers. It has therefore come up with professional bar counters that are fully modular but already organised into set ups suitable for catering, events, outdoor areas and venues. You can choose between the L-shaped set-up with 5 cocktail stations included or the U-shaped set-up with 6 cocktail stations and 2 bottle racks. For large spaces and important events there is the 360° Set-up with 2 saloon doors to enter, 13 cocktail stations and 2 Deus bottle racks, which can be illuminated with LED lights.

A bar station for home bartenders too

If your intention is to celebrate Valentine's Day at home with a romantic candlelit dinner, don't forget to organise the final toast with a themed cocktail. To impress your beloved one, equip yourself with your own home bar station, fully modular and customisable. Of course, don't forget to include all the ingredients you need to create your love drink in your shopping list..

How to survive Valentine's Day if you are single?

Valentine's Day is the most eagerly awaited holiday by lovers as well as the most dreaded by singles: restaurants populated with couples and organised to create the most romantic atmosphere. If you are single, all you have to do is get organised with a few friends, find a not-so-romantic venue and enjoy a good cocktail together. Or, invite single friends over and make the perfect cocktail with your home bar station.

Now that you know all about Valentine's Day cocktails, happy Valentine's Day!


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