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The utility of a high-performance product: Station Deus was born out of the need for a true Cocktail Station

When selecting a product to enhance your operational efficiency, it's crucial to examine each component meticulously to ensure that you are not purchasing anything unnecessary or substandard. Station Deus was founded by a group of skilled bartenders who, after consulting with their colleagues, decided to establish an Italian company. The craftsmanship at Station Deus showcases exclusively Made In Italy materials, aimed at meeting and advancing the needs of bartenders with high-performance, top-quality Cocktail Stations.

easily transportable and portable cocktail stations for outdoor garden  parties, mobile cocktail bars for birthdays, events, gastronomy or catering events. Modular bar counter for outdoor-indoor events and catering in summer gardens

The totally Made In Italy Cocktail Stations

Made in Italy is a mark of assurance, synonymous with the guarantee of products constructed from solid materials and the artisanal craftsmanship that Italy is renowned for. Every Deus Station is assembled at the company’s headquarters in Malo, within the province of Vicenza, utilizing Italian-sourced materials. Our skilled carpenters, welders, and assemblers collaborate daily to revolutionize the bartending industry by providing high-performance equipment.

A totally bartender-based process

Station Deus was born out of the fulfillment of a felt need by the former bartender entrepreneur. This need sparked an idea that has now been brought to fruition, accessible to all. Over time, our business processes have evolved with the goal of delivering maximum satisfaction to every customer. Beyond just manufacturing, every step of our sales process is designed with the customer in mind.

Testing before packaging

Station Deus rigorously tests each product during assembly, ensuring that every item is safe upon delivery. No package is ever sent without being tested. Our skilled assemblers meticulously monitor the incorporation of materials into the packaging, detail by detail, to guarantee that all components are completely included and shipped.

Packaging that ensures damage-free delivery

Station Deus utilizes cardboard that is one centimeter thick for its packaging—three times thicker than standard cardboard. This ensures that our cocktail stations are delivered without damage across Europe and globally.

Multilingual customer support

Station Deus' customer support is available in a dozen languages to accommodate any inquiries. The company is structured to handle customer questions in their local languages, not just Italian, reflecting our commitment to growing together across borders.

A worktop that evolves with the barman

Deus Stations are customisable even after purchase: our selection of accessories grows continuously, based on customer requests. Every bartender's vision is made real: explore our complete range of accessories and if there is something missing, contact us.


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