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The pros and cons of a Cocktail Station

In every company, conducting a SWOT analysis becomes inevitable sooner or later. This method evaluates strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats to discern ways to enhance business operations and achieve better results. Station Deus is a burgeoning enterprise, rooted in the rich experience of seasoned bartenders and skilled craftsmanship. Annually, our entire team pauses to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year and set objectives for the future. During our most recent gathering, each team member identified the core strengths of Station Deus—key characteristics that are integral to our identity and will forever underpin any future developments.

Professional and transportable modular bar counter: equipped to maximise efficiency and style, ideal for cocktail parties and events. mobile bar counter: Spacious and robust, perfect for serving drinks and entertaining guests at special events, catering, festivals, parties and more.

Cocktail Stations designed by Bartenders for Bartenders

The design of each Station Deus is informed by the experiences of bartenders: the challenges and obstacles they have encountered are transformed into strengths of bar counters designed to truly assist in the bartender's work.

All-Italian materials for super-strength

Each Deus Station is crafted with the highest Italian quality and precision: from the outset, our Cocktail Stations are assembled and meticulously tested. Choosing exclusively Italian suppliers stands for safety and reliability, yet we go further. With every completed product, the Station Deus team conducts a simple yet telling technical test: they step on it. While it may raise a smile, this ensures that our Cocktail Stations can withstand any event: even if customers lean over the bar, everything remains perfectly stable. Cocktails are served with confidence and a smile.

Transport and disassembly anywhere

Anytime, anywhere, the Bar Counter designed for professional bartenders can be relocated with ease. Within just five minutes, the Cocktail Station is set up and ready for action. Once assembled, the Station Deus features discreetly integrated wheels that allow mobility without altering the countertop height. For transportation convenience, the disassembled Cocktail Station fits into a custom-designed trolley bag by Station Deus, making it portable even in a car.

What opportunities arise in your venue with a Cocktail Station?

Purchasing a Cocktail Station may not be the best choice for everyone; it depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Before deciding, it's important to take a moment to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. At Station Deus, we listen closely to a wide array of customer experiences and are here to assist you in making the right decision.

When is it not the case to get a Cocktail Station?

If your establishment only occasionally serves a few cocktails and you typically place the bottles on the same table where you prepare coffee during the day; if your bartenders are not fully trained and you are just beginning to explore the world of cocktails; if there isn’t yet significant profit from this new venture: you do NOT yet need a cocktail station. There’s a risk of misunderstanding your real needs, failing to amortize the cost, and lacking bartenders skilled enough to fully utilize it.

The Cocktail Station is needed when...

If cocktails have become a staple at your venue, and your bartenders have honed their skills—perhaps even enrolling in bartending courses—you've likely already begun to profit from these beverages. However, if every service involves mishaps such as broken bottles, incorrect ingredients, queues, or a dispirited team atmosphere, it's time to reassess. These are signs of significant financial losses or inefficiencies.

This is precisely when you need a Cocktail Station. The investment in purchasing one will quickly pay for itself. Remember, every second WITHOUT a Cocktail Station is costing you money.

How to choose a Cocktail Station to get started?

If you are currently analyzing opportunities and find yourself in the described situation, our experts are well-equipped to understand your circumstances and assist in addressing your needs.

As your business progresses, Station Deus adapts alongside it. Should your enterprise expand, you can customize the Cocktail Station to meet the evolving requirements of your business.

If the need changes, Station Deus evolves

Does the urge arise to add wheels or an ice cube tray or expand the work space? Station Deus extends along with the bartender's business. The wide range of accessories, which is continually expanded as needs increase, satisfies every need that is highlighted by customers. Is something missing? Just contact us, the team builds. 


Don't have a Bar Station yet?

Click and discover the professional transportable Cocktail Stations that help your Bartending service. During an Event. In a Catering. In your bar.

Create, compose, customise your bar counter to suit your needs.



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