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Create a customized Cocktail Station in every aspect

Customisable both aesthetically and technically, Station Deus offers you the possibility of having the most suitable cocktail station for your bar. As an essential work tool for a bartender, the bar must meet every requirement during service: that's why Station Deus has always taken every need into account and turned it into reality. However, your needs may be different and new: in this case, a custom-made project is required.

Transportable modular bar counter: Innovative design, ideal for customised configurations for large events, trade fairs, parties and catering

Reflecting your brand's image

The cocktail station can come in any colour you like: White, Black or Aluminium, but it can also be painted in another colour designed especially for you. Your logo can be applied in the foreground so that you are recognised at any event and your customers remember your brand.

Spotlight on your company

Station Deus lights up your bar and lets you illuminate every creation you are making. With the LED kit, you'll be autonomous from any electrical connection and your cocktail bar will be illuminated: you'll be able to work and stand out.

Technical personalisation: adding what you want, when you want it

With Station Deus, you can modify practically any technical aspect of the cocktail bar to suit your needs. Do you want the tap or bins on the right instead of the left? Increase the number of bottles in the speed rack? Increase the size of the bins? It's all possible. Even fitting the bar station with a drainage system for melted ice, adding extra work surfaces, stainless steel barmats or even wheels and a Trolley bag for transport.

The fully customised Cocktail Station project

What you see on the site are the most popular products at Station Deus, but there's much more. Write to us and we will respond to all your requests.

Over the years, Station Deus has developed many custom cocktail bars for customers with specific needs. So what you need may have already been made, even if you can't find it on the site.

What you could have...

By requesting a customised project, you can have your Deus Station in the dimensions you want, in the materials of your choice, adapted to the style and dimensions of your bar (just send a few photos and dimensions), with additional features (support planes, speed rack, lighting, etc.).

For more complex projects?

If you have specific requirements for your project, we can also arrange a visit to measure the dimensions needed to build a cocktail bar made up of several modules and stations, such as SET-UP.

Need authorisation to proceed? Station Deus will create a 3D rendering for you, allowing you to carry out all the steps required to create the bar of your dreams.

Assistance while purchasing

The experience of Station Deus is at your disposal: with the advice of our team, you can improve the aesthetics and productivity of your cocktail bar.


Don't have a Bar Station yet?

Click and discover the professional transportable Cocktail Stations that help your Bartending service. During an Event. In a Catering. In your bar.

Create, compose, customise your bar counter to suit your needs.



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