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Why purchase a Bar Station online?

Buying online is often for comfort, but in some cases it becomes almost necessary. Station Deus bases its entire business on the digital marketplace: cocktail stations are in fact products that lend themselves to online purchasing because of the possibility of not only deciding on sizes, but also learning about uses and delving into accessories.

Modular and modular bar stations and counters: Sophisticated design, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with all accessories for the bartender. Create delicious cocktails with unique and revolutionary professional bar stations. Portable bar and easily dismantled in just 10 minutes

Station Deus delivers worldwide

With knowledge of nine languages, Station Deus sales staff cover the entire world market. No customer faces language difficulties: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and Norwegian are spoken fluently by all customer care staff.

Find out where Vicenza's Cocktail Stations have come from

From Malo, a small town in the province of Vicenza, Station Deus have flown all over the world, after online purchases directly from the site. Discover all the uses, so you will also know where you can enjoy a cocktail created with a Station Deus.

From the manufacturer to your bar

Each Cocktail Station is sold by the manufacturer directly: Station Deus, in fact, designs and builds each bar counter and ships it to the customer. The convenience is therefore transparent: without intermediaries, costs are lowered and customisation is expanded.

Requests becoming products

Having direct relationships with customers, Station Deus accommodates any need: from customisation to a new accessory to design, there are many products requested by the individual that have become available to all. Bespoke projects are handled directly by the company during the sale: in fact, the customer can talk to Station Deus' in-house sales staff, without any further steps. For special requests, the Malo-based company is available to design new products: since its inception, Station Deus has expanded its catalog to include new items created from the needs of bartenders.

Professional and modular Bar Counters

Station Deus was born from the experience of bartenders, who have joined together to create the efficient workstation: the ability to assemble the cocktail station yourself, to transport it anywhere easily, to create the counter in the shape and length you need, are just some of the features for which Station Deus has become popular in the market. And not because the company says so, but because customers review it.

From 90 centimeters to an island Bar Station: the space you desire

The smallest Station Deus provides 90 centimeters of space to work and create the finest cocktails: suitable for those who are approaching the job of bartender or for those who need to add space to an existing counter, Deus 90 satisfies the aspiring but also the professional. However, there are plenty of options on the site: 120, 150 or more centimeters by adding modules or set-ups already composed according to requests received to meet the need for stand-alone bar counters.

Missing something? There's the accessory

Inside the dedicated section, you will find all the accessories you need to finish creating your own cocktail station: from the bottle shelf to the back-bar, from the glass rinser to the sink. And if you can't find something, you can always ask for it: Station Deus answers any request.

The customised project to obtain what you prefer

Browsing through the site, you haven't found what totally meets your need? Call the company directly or write an email: with Station Deus every project is possible. Entirely created in-house in Malo, with high quality materials and typical Italian craftsmanship, Station Deus products are designed from the outset to solve any problem and optimize any bar.

Safe and guaranteed shipping

Each cocktail station you choose is shipped, disassembled, in secure packaging that protects the product throughout its journey. Inside the package you will find the rubber mallet to assemble your new bar counter: the illustrated instructions will enable you to have the product up and running in just a few strokes.

Is there any damage?

Station Deus guarantees any damage: once the parcel has been received and opened, you can easily call the company and they will send the new product or the dented part. 

Should there be any damage in transit, Station Deus will resolve it quickly and without cost, to ensure that distance is not an issue either.

Spare parts for Bar Stations

If during the use of the cocktail station you have caused some damage or if some customer has accidentally damaged your bar counter, you will always have spares at hand: easy to assemble, thanks to the instructions, Station Deus will follow you step by step to return to excellent performance.

And now click, discover the entire product selection and buy online, sitting on the sofa while you rest after a day's work. 


Don't have a Bar Station yet?

Click and discover the professional transportable Cocktail Stations that help your Bartending service. During an Event. In a Catering. In your bar.

Create, compose, customise your bar counter to suit your needs.



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